Barn doors are available from many suppliers and can be made from composites or real wood. They are typically all 84″ high and require additional wall height of up to 10″ to accommodate the rail hardware that the doors are suspended from. Most manufacturers recommend at least 2′ overlap on each side of the barn door ie. a 36″ door fits a 32″ opening. Some hardware systems only require as little as 4″ for situations like in finished basements where ceiling height (and wall height) can be limited. In our experience, the quality and ease of installation varies widely from one manufacturer to the next. For this reason we have decided to use Bill Brown Woodworking and Builders Supply as our preferred manufacturer for barn doors. There are 3 reasons for this:
  1. This company uses real wood; poplar for paint grade applications and clear pine for when a client wants to stain their doors. 
  2. They will make a door to the exact size we need. This comes in especially handy with reduced height situations.
  3. Their pricing to be competitive and their quality is better than most large scale manufacturers. A 36″ wide barn door including all hardware is about $650 + HST.
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